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ASP.NET Core updated to 2.2

In December, version 2.2 of ASP.NET was released and this upgrade contains many exciting news that will make life easier for us developers.

Since then, two smaller updates have also come and now we are up in version 2.2.2 (March 12, 2019).

The news include

  • API Controller analyzers New compiler analyzers are now included by default, which will check that your code is correct and follow the recommended conventions. This also means that it will be easier to create automatically generated OpenAPI based documentation and that you will have to write even less code than before. Perfect for those who build REST APIs.

  • Endpoint Routing This is another routing engine that we can now use in ASP.NET Core (how many do we need?), which complement the two existing routing engines (convention routing and attribute routing). The purpose of this new engine is to fix the various deficiencies that exist in the existing ones. The biggest difference is that these routes are evaluated earlier in the request pipeline, which means that middlewares can now inspect and influence the routing in a more flexible way. Also, performance increases up to 20% on Windows and up to 60% on Linux!!!

  • New link generator Which in a simpler way lets us create links to our controllers and action methods, even from code outside ASP.NET MVC Core.

  • Health checks This is a new API that allows your web application to expose how it feels via the HTTP API. For example, a load balancer can ask via this API how each service is doing and when a service does not feel so good, all traffic can be redirected to other services instead. This functionality is also very useful in case you build solutions that are run in containers on the Kubernetes platform. Health checks are implemented as a middleware, which means that it is easy to add to an existing application. Read more about functionality here.

  • IIS In-process hosting Now your ASP.NET Core application can be hosted directly in IIS and not as a separate process as before, resulting in a performance increase of up to four times compared to the previous one.

More details about all the news in ASP.NET Core can be read here. In connection with this we have updated our own course Beginning ASP.NET Core so that all material and exercises are based on version 2.2. The course gives you a thorough introduction to web development with ASP.NET Core. The course also includes REST API development and an introduction to Razor pages.

See you on the course!



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