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Best of 2019

With only a few days until Christmas it is time to sum up 2019 and we choose to do so by sharing the best of 2019!

Perl 6 becomes Raku - but what does this mean? Recently, the Perl 6 team approved a rename of the language to Raku. We sat down with Edument team member Jonathan Worthington to talk about what it means, and what lies ahead.

Exploring the non-nullable type warnings in C# 8 C# 8 will bring us many new exciting features, and Tore Nestenius personal favourite feature is the non-nullable type one.

Priority queues in Java and Python How do you talk about a "priority queue", a queue data structure where elemens get to "cut in line" if they're important? Surviving sorting in JavaScript A built-in .sort() method, how hard can it be to get it right? Taking JavaScript as our yardstick, apparently really quite hard. Read about two major pitfalls that anyone who wants to sort arrays in JavaScript should be aware of. How to install RavenDB on a VM in Azure This is a guide for you who want to work with document databases. I describe how I got RavenDB to work on a regular Windows Server 16 virtual machine which in turn runs in the Azure cloud.

Can I trust the results of an AI? We are using more and more devices and services that collects data and when we combine this data with Machine Learning we are able to make predictions, sometimes extraordinary predictions. But can I trust the results of an AI?

What have others highlighted during the year?

.NET Core 3.1 A new version of .NET Core has been released. The update is a refined version of .NET Core 3.0 that was released earlier this fall.

Using WebAssembly from .NET with Wasmtime Med WasmTime så kommer vi kunna skriva program komplierade till WebAssembly som vi sedan kan köra cross-platform på både Windows, Mac och Linux.

Application State Management with React With WasmTime we will be able to write programs complicated to WebAssembly which we can then run cross-platform on both Windows, Mac and Linux.

A Complete Guide to useEffect Maybe you already know about useEffect? If not, here is a deep dive into React's new side effects API.

Emergent Tool Use from Multi-Agent Interaction Open AI has created an open world of rules, where the AI itself learns what works in the world by doing experiments. The AI will test quantities of things that do not work but eventually learn strategies that will "win" them. Among other things, the AI learns "Box Surfing", ie it finds a "bug" in the physics engine that allows it to do things that the experimental creator had not foreseen.

The Imposter's Handbook A very useful book with a high recognition factor, for those of us who may not immediately know what big O is, or the exact difference between PubSub pattern and Observer pattern…



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