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Course update .NET Core 3.x and C# 8

.NET Core 3.0 and C# 8 will be released at the end of September, of course we keep our courses up to date.

Development for C# and .NET is accelerating and now .NET Core 3.0 and C# 8 will be released at the end of September. Of course, we at Edument keep up to date and release updates of the following courses that uses .NET Core (version 2.2 or 3.0):

What's new in .NET Core 3?

The .NET Core 3 contains many exciting news, the ones that stand out the most are:

  • non-nullable types According to the team behind the language, this is one of the most significant changes that have taken place in C#. What does this feature mean? Well, we can now mark whether a reference type can contain null or not, which means that the compiler and other tools can better warn us if we will get program execution errors due to null.

  • Pattern-matching In C# 7, pattern matching was introduced for the first time as a concept, where we can create effective if/switch sets in a very concise way. In C# 8, this has been further refined in that we can now create more advanced regulations and partly through the new switch-expression syntax that further streamlines how we express switch statements.

One important thing to keep in mind about C# 8 is that it only works against .NET Core 3 and .NET Standard 2.1 as the language requires certain new types that exist only in this framework.


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