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Course update - React!

The past year offered several innovations within React and its ecosystem, which in a short time has had a major impact. This news will noticeably affect how we work with React in the future.

News within React

The news includes, among other things

  • React's new component model - hooks - offers a unified approach to coding components. After its introduction just over a year ago, hooks, despite its sometimes steep learning curve, have been well-embraced by developers, assisted by a number of "patterns" and "best practices" that have emerged.

  • "Concurrent Mode", which enables an improved user experience when rendering components is no longer a blocking process. "Suspense" is related functionality that allows developers to precisely orchestrate how an application retrieves and displays data. "Concurrent mode" and "Suspense" are still in an experimental phase and are expected to be part of React in 2020.

  • Using GraphQL and tools like Apollo to retrieve data and locally manage it (the latter as an alternative to Redux).

We offer the courses ReactJS and Advanced React, which aims to position participants at the forefront of the above-mentioned areas and other, essential concepts in React.

ReactJS is a rework of our basic course in React and gives both beginners and those with previous experience of React a broad and updated knowledge base, with a comprehensive review of hooks and accepted patterns, testing of components and "best practices" for data collection, authentication and error handling.

React Advanced provides a depth in React and innovative topics such as implementation and testing of custom ("custom") hooks, performance measurement and optimization of component rendering, React with GraphQL and application of "Concurrent Mode" and "Suspense". This course is especially designed for those with previous experience of React and naturally follows our basic course ReactJS.

By updating our course offerings within React, we renew the promise to our customers and course participants - to deliver a unique compilation and detailed roadmap to navigate the upcoming development of robust and scalable web applications with React.


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