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Edument recruits former Google engineer!

Since the beginning of Edument, we have always played a role as pioneers. As an education and mentoring company for software engineers around the world, we gain early insights that enable us to anticipate future trends, challenges and technologies. By expanding our presence, brand and knowledge to Silicon Valley and a new continent we will see the challenges our industry faces even earlier.

Geoffrey Broadwell, who works in Silicon Valley, has solid experience from global companies such as Google, SAP and Autodesk, but also startups and consultancies, local and international. His career has orbited around the intersection of engineering and production operations pretty much since the beginning, culminating in a long stint at Google.

“One of the things I really thought was cool about Edument is the opportunity to work on advanced solutions to hard problems, and even right at the outset I'm impressed. When Jonathan (Jonathan Worthington) described my first major project, my immediate reaction was ‘Wow, you don't aim low do you?’"

- Geoffrey Broadwell

Geoffrey already knew some Edumentors from the Raku world, and saw the cool things they created. That's how his interest in us was aroused. But it took a while until fate finally brought us together and we’re so happy to have Geoff in the team!

“For many years, Edument has worked with the Asian markets from Shenzhen. Now we will also be present in Silicon Valley which gives us a global view and insight of the challenges that software developers, companies and the entire tech industry face."

- Acke Salem, CEO and founder of Edument

Today Geoff lives with his family in Silicon Valley and that is where he will take on his Edument challenges. It remains to be seen if he one day follows his Danish roots and ends up on our side of the strait, in Helsingborg.



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