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Management 3.0 the the future agile leadership

Is leadership not just for managers and business leaders?

Leadership is not just the managers responsibility. It is everyone's responsibility. Everyone is in any way. Leadership is also important for being left to managers only. The training is aimed at those who want to develop their agile leadership and a selection of titles that are usually attended include team manager, consultant manager, development manager, CEO, agile coach, agile developer, HR manager, product owner, scrum master. The common denominator of all participants, regardless of title, is that they like leadership and want to continue to develop both themselves and their surroundings, Björn Lindell continues.

What is agile leadership and how does it differ from traditional organization? What is the manager's role in an agile organization? Team can self-organize and this requires responsibility, powers and trust from management. What are the conditions and what are we facing for challenges is something that management always has to keep track of. Self-organization can lead to anything. Teams can not achieve their goals if the members lack skills and therefore managers / managers must contribute to the development of skills. Change Management, change management, is something every organization is struggling with. If you are not under development, you are undergoing decommissioning and therefore it is important to work with continuous improvement. In practice, this means that managers / leaders will act as change agents and develop the organization. Here, Managment 3.0 is an important and very helpful tool, "concludes Björn Lindell.



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