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Online course - join the classroom via link!

Since many of us are vigilant and follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority due to Corona, we have now chosen to extend the opportunity to take our courses remotely.

Has your company set restrictions or do you work from home? Maybe your project has stalled and it is very good timing for you to take a course through a distance solution?

Our course opportunities are still planned in classrooms as usual, but during these occasions we also open up for those who want to go a course on distance. Whether you are joining in the classroom or joining a link, you can interact with the teacher.

As the course approaches, you get information about what equipment you need. If you have any questions before booking, please contact us on tel: 040 61 70 720.

Are you several in one company and interested in our solution? Contact us and we will solve it!


Before the start of the course you will receive an invitation and more information for the virtual classroom. The schedule for the course day follows how the days in the classroom are arranged. In the morning, the course will take place on 09.00-12.00 with micropauses to stretch the legs or refill the coffee. Thereafter the teaching will resume at 13.00 and continue until 17.00, even then with breaks.

How do you participate best on remote?

  • In order to be able to focus in the best way, we recommend that you sit undisturbed and have access to a headset with a microphone, in order to be able to block out other sounds.

  • The best prerequisite is if you have access to two screens, one to follow the teacher and take part of the course material and one to do exercises.

  • The teacher appreciates if you have your webcam running, it is no coercion but increases the opportunities for interaction.

  • Our virtual classroom can be reached via Zoom, system requirements can be found here.

Interact with the teacher

  • Talk. You have the opportunity to turn your microphone on or off. Just shout when you want to say something.

  • Raise your hand. Does it not feel appropriate to interrupt the teacher? Do a digital hand-raising to get the teacher's attention.

  • Share screen. Are you stuck and want to show your code? Take over the video stream and share your screen.

  • Chat. Zoom has a built-in chat feature where you can chat with the whole group or individually with teachers or course participants.


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