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Our office in Gothenburg is growing

Meet our latest addition to our Gothenburg office Nils Petzäll - a curious problem solver who is fascinated by the philosophy of programming and sees it as more than just writing code.

Nils is from the north part of Sweden but job and love took him to the west coast. His excellence is within Java, but for Nils the language is not the primary, but what you do with it. He sees the language as a tool and next he should add Python in his toolbox. “I see architecture as an interest, what does a sustainable architecture look like? And, according to the evidence, there is more than one solution.” Nils says.

What he found especially appealing with Edument is our focus on knowledge and he looks forward to be surrounded by talented developers to be able to develop himself. In his spare time he builds and drives a motorcycle, spends time with the family and is involved in the Open Source project SchemaSpy.

Welcome to the Edument family!


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