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Our view of Vue

Are React and Angular still the only two responsible choices when selecting a JavaScript framework for the new project, or can Vue now be considered an actual contender also from a business perspective?

Earlier this month me and my colleague Carl Mäsak held a tongue-in-cheek political style debate between Angular and React, the two prevalent JavaScript frameworks. The running gag throughout the event was that, as we talked about the strengths and weaknesses of our respective frameworks, the new(ish) framework Vue kept popping up.

While meant as a joke it is rather apt, because, Vue does keep popping up! As a JavaScript nerd I’m used to new frameworks rising to usurp React and Angular, positioning themselves as the Next Big Thing™. But after a short while in the sun the hype burns out, and they fall quickly into oblivion. I fully expected the same thing to happen to Vue, but - lo and behold - it didn’t!

And it is easy to see why - Vue combines the approachability of React’s API with the power of the more generously equipped Angular toolbox, making it a very tempting choice. The powerful component model that React popularized and Angular refined, it takes to the next level.

Vue has already won the heart of most developers who tried it, and those who haven’t are largely tempted to, as shown by the State of JavaScript survey for 2017:

This has prompted a lively discussion inside Edument - should we double down on Vue, and invest time in creating courses and training for it? As nerds we are very eager to, but it is hard to know how well an interest within the programming community translates to making Vue a good choice from an enterprise, business-oriented perspective.

After all, Vue doesn’t have a rich ecosystem or the backing of a large company like React and Angular both enjoy and thrive from. But since our sales people keep hearing the word Vue more frequently, we’re hopeful!

What is your take on Vue? Has your company discarded it as one of many short-lived JavaScript trends, or are you keeping a keen eye out for how the market and training supply evolves? Drop us a line, or, if you’re local, come on by one of our offices and we’ll chat it out over a coffee/beer!

By David Waller



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