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Simplify everyday life with the Saas product PayZlip

Photo: The co-founders of PayZlip, Acke Salem (chairman of the board), Mattias Andersen (developer), Eric Lavesson (software architect), Jasmi Thirukediswaranathan (payroll expert), Basil Michelon (CEO), Cecilia Langéen (marketing)

Through Eduments Techhub, a colleague's everyday problem became the starting point for the development of PayZlip. A tool for time reporting and salaries that simplifies for both employees and entrepreneurs.

The idea came 2 years ago over a lunch between colleagues when our CFO Jasmi Thirukediswaranathan, complained about the shortcomings of the current time reporting and payroll system. The frustration that during her 12 years in finance and payroll management there was still no flexible solution to cut all manual steps. To register the employees' hours worked in one system and then export and import the data to another system that calculated the salaries. Colleagues, in turn, constantly complained about how clumsy it was to report their time, that they did not have a good overview and that the system did not work via mobile.

We at Edument have a solid knowledge in both software development and knowledge of the market. Through our Techhub, we are also used to helping people and companies to develop their ideas and to build solutions.

- I did not know then that my everyday problem could become a business idea. It was only when my colleagues showed how they could simplify the whole process that I realized how many of my colleagues and customers could be helped! says Jasmi Thirukediswaranathan.

Over time, it turned out that more entrepreneurs and finance managers seemed to suffer from the same problems. A team was put together and the idea was further developed, from helping a colleague to developing the Saas product PayZlip. PayZlip is a 2 in 1 solution with time and salary reporting in the same tool. It is a tool where user-friendliness is in focus, both for employers and for employees. With simple reporting of time working via mobile or computer, a clear overview of projects and the employees' time worked, earned vacation, etc.

- The fact that many small and medium-sized companies still use old solutions with manual work to keep track of working hours or holidays clearly shows that there is a need for our product, says PayZlip's CEO Basil Michelon.

Read more about PayZlip, and take part in the upcoming demo here.


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