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Today we open our new headquarters, The Techhub

Today we open our new headquarters, The Techhub, on Kullagatan in Helsingborg.

Over the years, Edument has invested more than 40% of its revenue in Research and Development, along with new technologies that generate financial growth within 5 years. Now we open our doors to entrepreneurs who need help to realize their business ideas.

We want to share our technical and industry knowledge to help others realize their business ideas!" - Acke Salem, CEO

Teknikhubben is spread over three floors in the center of Helsingborg. One of these floors will be given over to startups. Here we will help lift and launch their technical solutions. From day one, they will have access to 30 experts in different technologies until launch. In addition to the technical solutions, they can also get support with finance, marketing and business development.

We have already received a number of applications, and selection will take place on a regular basis. If you have a business idea, send your application to


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