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Working Remotely… Very Remotely

Does your job let you travel? Do you want it to? Our job does! And we're taking advantage of it! Read all about our plans for remote work... very remote work. #waaayoutofoffice

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m constantly on the move. Since moving to Sweden I’ve averaged visiting around 20 countries per year, some for work, but most for fun.

One of the things that I really like about working at Edument is how much freedom we have, both in the types of tasks that we take on, and where we take them on. Sure many of our deliveries are in fixed locations like Stockholm, Malmo, or Prague but we also have customers around the world and I frequently travel to meet with them.

In addition to work related travel I also enjoy taking advantage of our remote office policy. Since joining Edument I’ve worked remotely in Canada, Scotland, England, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Germany, as well as around Sweden.

For the last couple of years I’ve been scheming and planning a sort of larger remote working project, the goal: to involve some of my great colleagues and work on something fun together. Lots of ideas have come up but so far it’s been tricky to get a group of us who are available to work on the same things, at the same time; but finally that time has come! I’m super excited to announce that Cecilia, David, and I will be going to Iceland!

Our Plan:

We’re heading out to Iceland on the 20th of April and will stick around until the 28th. We’re hoping to meet lots of exciting technical folks there to debate technologies, have beers, and hear about your amazing projects. Towards that goal we’ve decided that our office should be a both “remote” and “mobile” so we’ve rented a camper van with a table in it. The plan is to travel around working from different locations and checking out the amazing scenery (and hopefully meeting some of you!). We’ll be hacking away on our GraphQL based website project. If you’re interested in meeting up feel free to reach out to us on social media or directly via email (our contact details are at the end of this post).


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