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Introduction to OpenID-Connect for .NET developers

Token-based security is an area that can be experienced as complex with its many different standards and concepts. In this seminar, I will introduce what OpenID-Connect is all about and demonstrate on an overall level how this can be applied in an ASP.NET Core environment.

Why have I snowballed into this particular topic?

In the past, this with authentication and authorization in .NET has always felt very abstract and magical. So over a year ago I decided to try to understand this for real, and therefore I now want to share what I learned during this trip!

The seminar is divided into two parts:

PART 1: Introduction to OAuth / OpenID-connect
[Tuesday 18 May at 12.00 - 13.00]

Here we will focus on what OAuth / OpenID-Connect is and how tokens can protect our systems. Among other things, we will address:

  • Where are our security challenges in a modern architecture?

  • Why do we need OAuth / OpenID-Connect?

  • What are tokens and what are the different tokens?

  • What are Scopes and Claims?

  • What feeds are there in OpenID-Connect?


PART 2: OpenID-connect and ASP.NET Core
[Wednesday 19 May at 12.00 - 13.00]

In this part, we look at how we can apply OpenID-Connect in an ASP.NET Core environment and together with IdentityServer secure an MVC application and an API. We address, among other things:

  • How is authentication and authorization implemented in ASP.NET core?

  • How to secure an ASP.NET Core MVC and API application using OpenID-Connect?

  • What is IdentityServer and how can we use it in our architecture?

With Tore Nestenius

When Tore Nestenius does not answer Identity-related questions at StackOverflow, he works as an architect and holds training courses for system developers several times a month. His focus is on topics such as .NET, C #, OpenID-Connect, web security, software architecture and DDD / CQRS. When he has the time, he likes to write blog posts within .NET.


PART 1 - Tuesday 18 May at 12:00-13:00
PART 2 - Wednesday 19 May at 12:00-13:00

Will be in Swedish

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