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Prevent XSS attacks using Content Security Policies

Life on the Internet is not so harmonious. Unfortunately, your applications are exposed 24/7 to an army of enemies (some human, some robot) with darker goals. They either want to cause loss of information or reputation, exploit your resources for their own gain or attack your user base.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks are one of the most common vulnerabilities on the web today and in this seminar you will learn, among other things:

  • How an XSS attack works

  • What we as developers should do to prevent this kind of attack

  • How the Content Security Policy (CSP) works and how, if used correctly, it can provide additional protection against XSS attacks, among others.

After the lecture, you will have a better understanding of how an XSS attack works and what it can lead to if you are not sure. As well as how the implementation of CSP can prevent XSS attacks.

With Tore Nestenius

Tore is a consultant and trainer who, for the past 12 years, has trained developers worldwide in software architecture, web security, OpenID-connect, C#/.NET and domain-driven design. When he is not teaching, he is a mentor and coaches development teams around Europe, based in Helsingborg.


Wednesday 23 November

At 11.00 - 11.45

For about 50 minutes, our instructor Tore Nestenius will go through these points and then receive questions and concerns. The webinar starts at 11.00 and lasts until approximately 11.50.

The webinar is held together withLexicon

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