New courses this spring

Now we are launching 5 new courses! Machine learning, React, Docker, Scrum or .NET no matter what you want to broaden yourself in, we have it.

Do you want to learn about machine learning, deepen your knowledge within React or get more confidence in your role as a Scrum master? Now we are launching 5 new courses.

Developments in AI and machine learning have opened up a number of opportunities for companies to develop and improve intelligent systems. Machine learning for developers aims to provide a practical understanding of how machine learning can be used in a number of different areas.

Do you want a better understanding of how Docker can help you in your development, testing and production of your application? In Orchestration in Docker you will learn how Docker is structured, mindset and which tools are available to you, to build effective containers. Besides this you will also learn how to orchestrate your containers.

Scrum in practice is a workshop where the focus is on practical exercises on challenges that the scrum team meets daily. We learn more about the different events in scrum and get insights on how we can effectively facilitate these. We mix theory with exercises and discussions from real situations.

Become a better developer by learning all about memory management in .NET. In .NET memory and performance  you will learn how the memory is handled by the .NET runtime and how to take advantage of it to create memory efficient and faster applications. In addition, you will learn how to monitor and diagnose various memory related issues.

Spend two days with other React-bitten participants and enthusiastic trainers who love to dive into the practical details of React's semantics. In Advanced React we share our experience of putting together successful, robust, well-tested React projects that satisfy real customer needs.

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