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Introduction to building event-driven systems with AxonIQ

Edument, in partnership with AxonIQ, offers a free seminar for your organisation to learn about designing and implementing scalable and resilient cloud native applications, using AxonIQ's market-leading platform for event-driven microservices.

For whom? 

Technical and non-technical organizational stakeholders (e.g. software developers and architects, product managers and CTOs).



Organisations facing demanding and rapidly changing business requirements have increasingly turned to event-driven microservices as an architecture for building distributed applications and services; this approach offers flexibility to evolve and scale a system to meet commercial needs and create competitive advantages. Established principles such as CQRS, Event Sourcing and Domain-Driven Design (DDD) are key underpinnings for this type of software, manifesting auditing and analytics capabilities that provide actionable insights from the behavior of your customers.


Building these mission-critical solutions from scratch is a major undertaking in terms of time and resources; AxonIQ's comprehensive product suite helps creating robust, high-performant and loosely-coupled microservices, while significantly shortening time-to-market. The popular, open-source Axon Framework and its programming model makes it easy to apply the aforementioned principles to develop scalable and extensible applications, and Axon Server provides essential infrastructure services for event storage and routing.


If you want to gain an understanding of event-driven microservices and AxonIQ's technology stack, and its applicability to a new project or the migration of a legacy system, join Marc Klefter - Tech Lead of Edument's Cloud Center and responsible for AxonIQ projects - in a free, one-hour session as he walks you through the following:


- An overview of key architectural patterns such as CQRS and Event Sourcing.


- Preparing an organisation for the event-driven approach to building software.


- The Axon Framework and Axon Server.


Open to technical and non-technical stakeholders alike, book this seminar to get an exclusive look at how event-driven microservices and Axon's technology stack can establish a solid foundation for embracing the future of your business.


(this seminar is offered in both English and Swedish)


Marc Klefter

Tech Lead at Edument's Cloud Native Applications solution area and responsible for AxonIQ projects

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