Make sure your cloud service
is always available

Edument Cloud Center is a team of dedicated software engineers specializing in helping Edument’s clients develop cloud based applications.

We are here for you

We support customers via application development efforts, educational offerings such as courses, workshops and seminars, and advisory services. Are you migrating an existing application to run in the cloud or designing a software architecture for your product? Edument Cloud Center is ready to assist you to successfully reach your target destination in the cloud!

Our offer

Based on your needs and requirements, we work in close collaboration with you to help with:

  • Designing service-oriented architectures (“microservices”).


  • Building scalable and platform independent solutions based on containers and orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes.


  • Implementing services in programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python and C#.


  • Adopting a DevOps mindset by promoting automation and continuous delivery.

Whether it’s one of these, or something else, Edument is ready to discuss what we can do for you. We love building developer experiences - and we have the experience to deliver.

Cloud team

Marc Klefter is Edument Cloud Center’s Tech Lead, helping Edument’s clients navigate their technical journey towards the cloud. With an extensive background as an entrepreneur, consultant and trainer, he brings essential expertise required to successfully deliver on challenging and critical projects.