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Developing the skills of the tech industry to match market needs

In Sweden, we have a shortage of 70,000 developers by 2024, while suffering from high unemployment - a challenge that hampers Sweden's growth.

In addition to traditional training programs for established system developers, we at Edument focus on helping companies to change careers. We have worked actively with this and developed it over the past five years together with dozens of actors in Swedish industry. Something we now also do with Mobile Heights.


At the local level, we have also chosen to get involved in the City of Helsingborg's Industry Council within Tech and IT, to find new solutions together with other companies to strengthen the tech presence in the city.

Find the training that solves your IT challenge!

At Edument, we offer courses and competence development in IT, agile methods and management. We turn to you as a system developer and are looking for the latest technology for the complex IT challenges. Knowledge is our driving force and we see the joy of developing together.

As part of the Mobile Heights Community, we would like to offer 30% on the following training courses given during the spring.
Enter MH30 when booking. 



We believe in delivering technology

in the present to meet tomorrow's challenges



The knowledge you gain

you must be 100% implementable.

If needed, our CodeBuddy™ is available 



Whether you want to customize the content

or the location

for the education,

then we are here for you



17 - 18 April 2023

Software architecture

In this course we go through proven solutions for sustainable systems: test-driven development, domain-driven design, services...

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Image by Arnold Francisca


4 - 5 May 2023

Azure for developers

In this practical workshop, you will get an introduction to Azure and services you usually come into contact with as a developer.

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31 May - 1 June 2023

Scrum Master with


Our course gives you everything you need to become a certified scrum master, but also goes beyond that...

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Image by Patrick Perkins


11 - 12 May 2023

Product Owner with certification

This two-day workshop is for you who want to develop your abilities in product development in an agile environment...

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May 16, 2023

Workshop - Introduction to

Docker and DevOps

In this practical workshop, you will get an introduction to Docker and DevOps practices.

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Image by FLY:D


29 - 30 May 2023

Web security

for developers

Helps you develop a security-oriented mindset and shows how the web works architecturally...

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Image by Lautaro Andreani


8 - 9 May 2023

Advanced React

Do you have basic knowledge of React, but would like to go further and learn it more in depth?

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Image by Lautaro Andreani


25 - 28 April 2023


React is a great tool for solving complex problems and creating order in large-scale projects…

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Image by Pankaj Patel


22 - 24 May 2023

C# Master Class

Master and gain a deeper understanding in C# and .NET. The focus is on modern patterns and techniques, clean functional code and on real-world situations.

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Image by Pankaj Patel


10 - 12 May 2023

Advanced C#

In this course, we'll help you become a more efficient C# developer. We learn about generics, LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and lambda expressions...

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