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Do you need help to develop or scale your system? The Edument team includes architects and developers with a specialization in programming

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Do you want to broaden or deepen your knowledge of a framework or a new programming language?

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Do you have a business idea or product but lack the technical skills, capital or business strategy needed to realise and scale up an exciting product? We can help!

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Web security - time to take it seriously!

Developing systems without knowledge of web security is just as bad as driving a car without a driver's license. It is important to be familiar with security, both as a developer and for other employees, to know how to best protect your business.

In the webinar we will address some of the security challenges that exist in 2020 and what we can do to prevent intrusion.

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Data Fetching with React Suspense

Suspense is poised to become the essential method for loading components' asynchronous resources in the near future; this practically oriented talk will position you at the forefront of the latest developments in implementing better performant React applications. 

Did you miss the webinar? You can still see it!

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You practice <insert methodology here>, but are you agile?

Almost everyone claims to be agile. Some "in their way", others more formally as part of a framework. While agile is served as the panacea to all problems, this article is not about enumerating the different ways it has been butchered. Instead, we will focus on why it is difficult to attain what agile development promises.

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IntelliJ platform Development

IntelliJ isn’t just a Java IDE. It’s also the name of a platform that can be extended in numerous powerful directions: tooling integration, workflow automation, or even a plugin and IDE for another programming language. Edument has the expertise and the experience to deliver all of these - and more!

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