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We help companies and start-ups with complex software projects and develop tomorrow's software courses.
What can we do for you?


We support customers via application development efforts, educational offerings such as courses, workshops and seminars, and advisory services. Are you migrating an existing application to run in the cloud or designing a software architecture for your product? 

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IntelliJ isn’t just a Java IDE. It’s also the name of a platform that can be extended in numerous powerful directions: tooling integration, workflow automation, or even a plugin and IDE for another programming language. Edument has the expertise and the experience to deliver all of these - and more!

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Do you have an exciting business idea that includes that you want to innovate, change and digitize your industry? Do you want to improve the world and need technical help to realize your idea? In our Techhub we are driven by solving difficult problems!

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What's your challenge? 

We have worked with complex IT solutions for more than ten years. Our team consists of experienced architects and developers who are brought in by our clients – large and small – when they are in need of expert knowledge. It can be for IT projects concerning everything from digitalisation of processes, code review, compiler and runtime development to constructing of development tools or API design. No matter what challenges you face or how big they are, we can help you with your IT projects!

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Anatomic Studios

We are now the lead investor in Anatomic Studios, an innovative company that creates specially designed prostheses within MedTech. We look forward to being a part of Anatomic Studios' journey, full of innovative opportunities.

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Custom game engines and why they (don’t) suck

This webinar  covers the broad strokes of the game engine’s architecture; what goes into creating a game engine? How do you port it to different hardware? How do you make sure it can be ported when you don’t even know which hardware you’re going to target?

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Comma in 2020: a year in review

Jonathan Worthington takes a glance back in time, and looks at some of the major improvements made to Comma during 2020.

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Svelte – a new star on the frontend sky?

One of the newer frameworks for JavaScript is Svelte, which has become very popular and is now competing with established frameworks like React and Angular. But is it here to stay?

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Are you our next problem-solver? 

We are looking for unpretentious, experienced developers for our team. Do you have a passionate relationship with programming, a thirst for knowledge and a desire to develop?

Then you can be the right person for us!

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