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Management 3.0

Management 3.0

Do you want to develop your leadership? Whether you have a leadership role today or not, this is the course for you who want to develop your leadership with agile methods. You will get concrete tools on how to lead without leading, how to develop both yourself and your surroundings. 

In 2010, Jurgen Appelo released the book Management 3.0 and it has been a worldwide success. Jurgen is ranked as one of the most influential people in leadership and agile. Jurgen describes himself as a "creative networker".

During the course we go through 8 modules

Agile Leadership 
System developers have worked for a long time with agile methods, but we are constantly becoming more leaders who say that we are agile. What is agile leadership and how does it differ from traditional organization? What will be the role of the manager in an agile organization? 

Complexity thinking 
What is complexity thinking and why does agile development work?

Give power to the individual 
People are the most important part of an organization and leaders must do everything they can to keep them active, creative and motivated. What are our driving forces? What motivates us? What are our basic needs? 

Empower the teams 
Teams can self-organize and this requires responsibility, authority and trust from the management. What conditions apply and what are our challenges? How does governance and delegation work? How is trust shown? 

To set frames 
Self-organization can lead to anything. It is therefore necessary to protect people and shared resources as well as to give people a clear purpose and defined goals. How do we succeed in that and what tools can be used?

Leadership is not just the responsibility of managers. It is everyone's responsibility. We all lead in some way! In addition, leadership is too important to be left solely to managers. 

Develop skills 
Teams cannot achieve their goals if the members lack competence and therefore managers / leaders must contribute to the development of competence. How do we do? 

Cultivate structures 
Many teams operate within the framework of a complex organization and therefore it is important to create structures that facilitate communication. What organizational structure works in an agile organization? How do we think about generalization vs specialization? 

Change Management 3.0 
Change Management is something all organizations struggle with. If you are not under development, you are under liquidation and therefore it is important to work with continuous improvement. In practice, this means that managers / leaders must act as “change agents” and develop the organization. How do we make the organization agile? How do we make employees want to develop? How do we get customers to accept agile methodology? 

Target audience & Prerequisites

The course requires no prior knowledge and is aimed at you who want to develop your leadership and want to work with your leadership.


Lecturer Björn Lindell is both an agile coach and a certified Management 3.0 facilitator. Based on reviews from previous course participants, Björn is in the top 5 in Sweden, among facilitators for Mangement 3.0.

The course is held in Helsingborg or Malmö. On request also in Gothenburg or Stockholm. 

17 900 SEK ex VAT

Contact us if you are interested in the training, dates are set up on request

- The course is given in classroom
- Contact us for upcoming courses

Duration: 2 days           

Level: Beginning

Language: English/Swedish                  

Course code: P108

Mangement 3.0 -intresseanmälan


From the course I take with me the importance of educating everyone from leaders to workers. And much more of course :)


The facilitator is excellent in the subject (without showing off). And he let us discuss freely, within the topic.

I gained self-insight and how to work

daily on your leadership


The facilitator was extremely well prepared and had a great way of explaining and making us all discuss.



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