We have worked with complex IT solutions for more than nine years. Our team consists of experienced architects and developers who are brought in by our clients – large and small – when they are in need of expert knowledge. It can be for IT projects concerning everything from digitalisation of processes, code review, compiler and runtime development to constructing of development tools or API design. No matter what challenges you face or how big they are, we can help you with your IT projects!


One problem that usually arises is that many systems are built under very intense forms in the beginning. The reasons can be many. It can be to test a concept, or to achieve a time-critical goal of some kind. The problems usually start when you move away from the initial concept and try to scale up. Edument has experienced architects who have helped a number of companies to both structure existing code bases, and to help with the architecture in an initial stage of new projects.

Modern development for the web

Today, the landscape on the web looks very different compared to just a few years ago. What was once only web pages has been transformed into everything from Single Page applications written in React and Vue, to APIs and microservices run by both REST and GraphQL. At Edument, we have worked with microservice architectures for many years. We have a good mix of frontend, backend and full stack developers and over the years have helped most companies set up and develop this kind of applications

IntelliJ Platform Development

The Edument team have significant experience building on the IntelliJ platform. We have delivered multiple plugins for customers, including:

  • Providing developer support for writing code in internally developed DSLs
  • Integration with remote build tooling
  • Providing a better developer experience for working with the customer’s APIs

Furthermore, we have built a custom IDE on the IntelliJ platform. Comma, an IDE for Perl 6, includes a custom-developed parse engine to deliver accurate highlighting, auto-completion and reference resolution, integration of running tests and debugging, and many more features.

Whether you’re looking for a small plugin to help developers to correctly use your APIs, tooling support for internally developed languages, or something else entirely, we can help.

API Review and SDK Development

Do you offer, or are you planning to offer, an API for your service? We can help you to deliver a better experience to developers who will use it. We can:

  • Carry out a review of your API, looking out for potential pain points, inconsistencies, and other design issues
  • Have our polyglot team develop idiomatic sample code for your API in a range of languages and platforms
  • Design and implement SDKs for languages and platforms, to help developers more easily use your API


Team in Gothenburg

Teamet i Göteborg är allätare när det kommer till tekniker, de arbetar gärna med arkitektur och att förstå varför system beter sig som de gör. De drivs av nyfikenhet och möjligheten att lösa olika problem. 

Eric Lavessons team

The team in Helsingborg, Sweden specializes in data visualization and rendering. They have built visualizers for profilers, data flow, and UIs, as well as renderers in OpenGL and DirectX, both for games and other applications.

Jonathan Worthington team

The Prague, Czech Republic team have broad experience, but specialize in developer tooling, compiler and runtime development, and language design. Alongside delivering solutions for Edument customers, they develop Comma, the IDE for the Raku programming language, and Cro, a platform for building services and web applications in Raku.

Our team 

We at Edument are a team consisting of everything from senior architects and software developers to solution architects and creative creators. We become part of new teams and work on projects with customers or create our own team and solve the project in-house. What skills are you looking for? Contact us!


New portal integrated with existing infrastructure
-large scale React

We were hired by a client who needed a senior JavaScript developer.They were building a new web portal from scratch, but also needed to be able to be integrated with the existing site's infrastructure.


How a web portal can facilitate the logistics flow

Pallets are an important commodity within the transportation and logistics business. It is important to keep track of ones pallets, but equally important to streamline how they get from A to B and back again.


New business system without affecting the users

Operations are everything for business systems; every minute the system is down means money lost. Our client's system was more than 10 years old, and even the smallest changes took weeks to implement.

IntelliJ platform Development

IntelliJ isn’t just a Java IDE. It’s also the name of a platform that can be extended in numerous powerful directions: tooling integration, workflow automation, or even a plugin and IDE for another programming language. Edument has the expertise and the experience to deliver all of these - and more!

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We are looking for web developers!

Are you a good React, Vue and / or Node developer? We are now looking for several good web developers for our teams in Helsingborg, Gothenburg and Malmö for several new project requests. 

Join us!

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