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New portal integrated with existing infrastructure - Large scale React

We were hired by a client who needed a senior JavaScript developer. They were building a new web portal where the users can invite friends or colleagues to interact with one another. The new portal was to be built from scratch, but also needed to be able to be integrated with the existing site's infrastructure.

"The project is perfect for React; something I have argued in my classrooms numerous times. That's why it was extra fun to implement this in a large scale. But it was also exciting and challenging to use bleeding edge technologies alongside older legacy code", says David Waller, the project developer. He has taught React and JavaScript to the client in the past, and thought it was extra fun to be able to deepen the already established relations.

An extra challenge many ay recognise is that the backend of the portal was being developed simultaneously by another team. That made it crucial to separate the data layer from the UI code, since we knew from the beginning that the APIs we frequently consume will need to be mocked, changed and updated. This again, made this project perfect for React, since the domain logic resided in a Redux layer, allowing the backend provoked changes to be isolated to a confined part of the code.

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